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사전 조립식 설치 스테이지가 광범위한 순간 또는 정상 부하 구성에 대해 마찰이 적고 부드럽고 정확한 운동을 제공합니다. 응용분야 시장에는 공장 자동화, 의료, 포장, 전동 공구, 반도체, 인쇄, 자동차 조립, 항공, 식품 가공 등이 있습니다. 슬라이드 테이블에 모터, 드라이브, 컨트롤, 전기 기계식 부속품이 완비된 일괄 시스템의 맞춤형 다축 RoundRail 선형 가이드를 구성할 수 있습니다.

RoundRail 장점: 베어링 구성품에 적은 응력으로 비틀림 오정렬(캐리지나 기초 가공의 부정확성 또는 기계 편향으로 발생)에 적응하는 능력이 내재된 RoundRail 볼 부싱 베어링 시스템. 모든 방향에 대한 자가 정렬 설계로 다양한 오차 범위의 표면에 장착할 때 가장 부드럽게 이동할 수 있습니다.


RoundRail linear guides are the non-driven building blocks for linear slide tables. They offer flexibility to fit specific envelopes by allowing customized separations between shafts and/or bearings on shafts to produce higher moment capacity. When combined with ball screw assemblies, they become a driven slide table. 


Why Thomson Linear Guide Systems?

For optimal self-alignment of bearing components with minimal stress, Thomson linear guide rail systems deliver ultra-smooth travel when mounted to wider-tolerance, prepared surfaces. Our linear rail systems are available in a wide range of sizes, bearing types and mounting configurations to best accommodate your motion control designs and applications. 

Customization Options

Despite our multitude of linear guide options (end and continuous support, FluoroNyliner®, side-mounted, dual and twin shaft, etc.), sometimes your design projects require a solution that falls outside of our standard offering. In these instances, Thomson application engineers are happy to work with you to customize a roundrail linear guide system that meets your exact specifications. 

Where Can You Get Started?

Thomson provides extensive online resources to help you no matter where you may be in the purchase decision process: 

Technical Articles

  • Round or Square? Which is the Ideal Linear Guide for Your Application

    Advancements in load capacity, life and ease of manufacture allowed an ever-widening range of applications to benefit from nearly friction free linear guidance. Since the introduction of the square, or profile rail, linear guide in the 1970s, the design engineer has been faced with the pivotal question: round or square?

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  • Picking the Right Linear Rails for Your Application

    How to choose between the main types of linear technologies, and how to design automation systems that deliver optimal performance using design requirements, rather than cost, as the primary consideration in selecting linear components.

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  • Selecting and Applying Rolling Element Linear Bearings and Guides

    Specifying the right bearing for a given application is necessary to save time and excessive costs. Understanding the tradeoffs of each bearing type is important to accurately size and select the right bearing for your application. This article will provide an overview of the major types of linear bearings and guides, explain how to specify them for specific applications and describe how to trouble-shoot common application problems. 

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