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A custom profile rail solution can fine-tune your application

For your custom and modified profile rail needs, tap into the Thomson team’s vast technology and engineering experience. We will work with you to create the optimal solution for your application.

Examples of our customization capabilities include extended lengths, special coating/finishes, machining, lubrication inlets and many more.

Custom Profile Rail

While the full selection of standard Thomson profile rail continues to meet the needs of countless linear motion designs, some applications’ requirements call for these components to be customized. Whether it is length or special coatings, our custom profile rail provides great flexibility to help you achieve a “just-right” solution.

Our experienced engineers can assist you to ensure your part selection is right the first time, while our support staff oversees proper initial application and comprehensive support once installed.

Available Customization Options

Extended lengths

  • Joining shafts to obtain longer lengths
  • Butted joints

Special coatings/finishes

  • Chrome plated
  • Armoloy®

Contact us by filling out the form below with your design requirements, and our experienced support team will review them immediately.

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