Shaft Support, Continuous Support Assembly, Standard Profile, Predrilled, Class MM (h6), Aluminum & Steel, Use with 12 mm Nominal Diameter Open Bushing Bearings

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  • Shaft supports simplify mounting of Thomson 60 Case shafts. Users of Thomson 60 Case shafting should consider the use of these shaft supports
  • These supports can be used horizontally or vertically.
  • Bolt down from top through the flange
  • Class MM (ISO h6 tolerance) 60 Case Shaft included
  • Y1=Y2 is standard. Special Y1 and overall length can be specified by customer.


측정 항목
[d] Shaft, Nominal Diameter12 mm


ClassClass MM (h6) 
MaterialAluminum & Steel 
Material, ShaftSteel 
Material, SupportAluminum 
Option Predrilled (PD)Predrilled 
Support StyleStandard Profile 

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