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Product Details

Wiper and seal options

Wipers are optional on all Super Smart ball bushing bearings and standard on pillow blocks of all types. The seal options are available on "A" bearings and Super bearings.

Option    Description
(Blank)    No Wipers: on BushingsWipers: on pillow blocks (standard).
-LS           No Wipers: on pillow blocks only.  Used to designate pillow blocks without wipers.
-W           One Integral Wiper
-WW        Two Integral Wipers
-D            One Seals
-DD         Two Seals

products shown with wiper option

Ball Options

Corrosion resistant options (CR, SS and SP) provide additional corrosion resistance. However, all of these options reduce the dynamic capacity by 30% as they use stainless steel ball bearings. The CR option is for products with floating bearing plates (Super and Super Smart). The SS and SP are used on the non-self-aligning products ("A" and MAM).

Nylon ball and alternating nylon ball options (NB and NBA) result in quieter bearing operation but with a reduction of load capacity.  Nylon ball option (NB) reduces the load capacity by 90%.  Alternating steel and nylon ball option (NBA) reduces the load capacity by 50%.  Both of these options are available on all Ball Bushing® bearings except the instrument Ball Bushing® bearings.

The outrigger option (OR) is a special option for applications where the load is only in a single plane. The outrigger option is designed to save some cost by having fewer ball tracks and bearings installed since the load is only in one plane.  Typically  the outrigger option is only sold in high-volumes . For a replacement part a standard ball bushing bearing of the same size and type can be used to replace a ball bushing bearing with the OR option.

Option   Description
CR      Corrosion Resistant: Stainless steel balls and plated bearing plates
SS      Stainless Steel: Stainless steel balls and housing
SP      Stainless Steel Balls, Black oxide Retainer and Sleeve: Alternative to SS option
NB      Nylon Ball: Instead of steel balls
NBA   Alternating nylon and steel balls
OR      Outrigger: Only two tracks of balls opposing each other
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Lubrication Options

The dry pack option (DP) is for the the bearing to be shipped with no lubricant at all. Typically, ball bushing bearings are shipped with a rust preventative oil. However in some applications where special lubricants are being used it is preferred to not have the rust preventative oil.  Be aware if selecting this option the products will rust VERY quickly (unless also ordered with a corrosion-resistant option) and should be lubricated when received. The dry pack option is available on all ball bushing bearings.

Bearings lubricated at the factory with Thomson Linear Lube instead of the rust preventative oil have the LL option. This reduces a step in the installation of greasing the bearing. This option is available on all ball bushing bearings.

Lube for life option (L4L) adds a special cartridge to each end of the pillow block.  The lube for life cartridges add additional length to the pillow block assembly. The L4L option is only available on Super and Super Smart pillow block sizes 1/2" to 1 1/2".

Option    Description
DP    Dry Pack (no lubrication)
LL     Lubricated with Thomson Linear Lube
L4L   Lubricated for Life - More details on self lubrication in this article.

Other Options

Roll pack option (RP) eliminates the individual box.  The bushings are bulk packed. This option is available on large quantity orders to reduce the amount of packaging that needs to be opened and discarded. This option is available on all ball bushing bearings.

Treating the housing of the ball bushing with a black oxide finish is the HP option. The HP option is available for the steel housing ball bushing bearings ("A" and MAM).

Adding an oil hole in the housing of a ball bushing bearing is the OH option.  The OH option is available for the "A" style ball bushing bearings.

Option  Description
RP         Roll pack
HP         Black Oxide finish
OH         Oil hole
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