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Standard Lifting Columns

Custom Lifting Column Options

Custom Lifting Column Options

Optimize your design with a custom lifting column solution.

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Ideal for medical and ergonomic applications requiring telescopic motion, lifting columns are self-supporting, height-adjustable lifting solutions in a compact, pre-aligned package.  

Why Thomson Lifting Columns?

Thomson lifting columns are designed for smooth, quiet and fast operation, and offer an excellent extension-to-retraction ratio, resulting in the maximum range of motion in a minimal footprint. These flexible, linear motion solutions are based on anodized extruded aluminum profiles which slide into each other. A high moment load capacity, large holding-capacity-to-frame-size ratio and the ability to use a single unit for a center load or multiple units linked together allow for numerous design configurations.  

Customization Options

When standard Thomson lifting columns don’t meet your exact specification requirements, our engineering experts can help customize a solution for your application. Our custom options, which include environmental, stroke and retracted length, control and feedback, fitment and installation, and more, can meet your needs and improve your machine’s performance. 

Where Can You Get Started?

Thomson provides extensive online resources to help you no matter where you may be in the purchase decision process: 

Technical Articles

Types of Medical and Ergonomic Automation Applications

Accessibility Equipment


  • Wheel chair lifts
  • Lifting aids
  • Handicap adaption

Adjustable Chairs


  • Dental chairs
  • Barber chairs
  • Make-up chairs

Hospital Equipment


  • X-ray machines
  • Operating tables
  • Beds & patient lifts



  • Adjustable desks
  • Workbenches
  • Table lifts & beds

Thomson LC Series Lifting Columns

Model Comparison

LC1600 LC2000 LC3000
Description Two-piece extrusion with 1600 N loading capacity ideal for cost-sensitive applications where extension-to-retraction ratio is not as critical. Three-piece extrusion with 2000 N loading capacity and a telescoping leadscrew mechanism to provide an ideal extensionto- retraction ratio. Three-piece extrusion with ballscrew drive mechanism to allow for 3000 N loading capacity and high moment loading.
Screw type Trapezoidal Telescopic lead screw Ball screw
Weight Best Good Good
Quiet operation Best Good Good
Extension/retraction ratio Good Best Better
Minimum retracted length Good Best Better
Load capacity Good Better Best
Load torque capacity Good Good Best
Duty cycle Good Best Good
Speed Better Best Good
Mid Stroke Protection Yes No* No*

* Mid-stroke overload protection available with use of DCG Control.

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Drive Type


Travel Rate (Maximum Load)

Travel Rate (No Load)

Maximum Stroke


Feedback Option

Connection Option

CAD Models
  • Configurable 2D/3D Partstream Models
  • Configurable 2D/3D Solidcomponents Models
  • Configurable 2D/3D PartServer Models
  • Static 2D/3D Model file downloads
LC Series Lifting Columns 2D/3D Interactive Models
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