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Precision Ball Splines

Precision Ball Splines

Available with flanged or non-flanged nuts, these ball splines meet the needs of high-precision, multi-axis motion applications.

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Heavy Duty Ball Splines

Heavy Duty Ball Splines

Available with or without keyways, these ball splines offer high speed, anti-friction linear motion under high torsional loads.

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Custom Ball Spline Options

Ball Spline Customization

Optimize your design with a custom ball spline solution.

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Thomson ball splines enable rotary and linear motion on a single shaft, offering versatility to a number of industrial applications.

Why Thomson Ball Splines?

Delivering high reliability and life expectancy under varying operating conditions, Thomson ball splines are optimal for applications that require high speed, vibration, shock loading, precise positioning requirements and high torsional loads.

Customization Options

Not every linear motion design can meet the optimal specifications by using standard ball splines. In these cases, Thomson offers its engineering services to help you customize ball splines to meet your exact requirements and keep your project running smoothly.

Where Can You Get Started?

Thomson provides extensive online resources to help you no matter where you may be in the purchase decision process:

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