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Standard Screw Jacks

Custom Screw Jack Options

Screw Jack Customization

Optimize your design with a custom screw jack solution.

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Whether you are lifting, lowering, tipping or moving a load, screw jacks are ideal for various applications requiring a powerful, reliable and easily adaptable solution.  

Customization Options

When standard Nook or Thomson screw jacks don’t meet your exact specification requirements, our engineering experts can help customize a solution for your application. Our custom options, which include assembly, nuts, screws, special coatings, thread forms and more, can meet your needs and improve your machine’s performance.

Where Can You Get Started?

Nook and Thomson provide extensive online resources to help you no matter where you may be in the purchase decision process. An example are our screw jack engineering calculators, which allow you to compute specifications key to selecting the ideal screw jack.


  • Screw Jacks and Environmental Applications

    Nook screw jacks offer the ability to lift, position, hold and support loads in a variety of industrial applications. These jacks will provide excellent performance and reliability in the average indoor industrial facility with a dry environment and an operating temperature of 32oF (0oC) – 180oF (82oC). However, not all applications are in these ideal conditions. Nook offers many options to meet non-ideal conditions.

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  • 8 Design Considerations for Screw Jack Systems

    Regardless of the type of worm gear jack you are considering (machine screw or ball screw), there are eight factors that are critical for developing the optimal linear motion system. In this post, we will examine these design constraints and how they can impact proper sizing, placement, and configuration of your screw jack system.

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  • 3 Quick Screw Jack Applications – Food Industry

    There have been some interesting linear motion technical innovations designed to serve the food segment in recent years. But, many of the emerging food applications are still perfect for the venerable screw jack. It's simple yet effective design is timeless, and it is a true work horse for food applications. In the food sector, screw jack systems are typically deployed in three common and versatile arrangements. This post talks about a few of these in more detail.

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ActionJac™ Screw Jacks

ActionJac™ Screw Jacks (Metric and Imperial)

USA-made, rugged design and high capacity with sizes from 1/2 to 100 tons.

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Thomson Screw Jacks

Thomson Screw Jacks (Metric)

German-made, symmetrical housing allows for universal mounting from either end.

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