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Thomson’s components and solutions shine in high-throughput multi-axis applications such as assembly lines with skewers. Skewer units employ gearheads and clutches, brakes and resolvers and rodless actuators in optimal combinations. Skewer units can employ dual guides for raising and lowering, or these can be replaced with a single profile rail or two profile rails. These also employ clutches and gearboxes to complement the motor unit.

These multi-axis food-processing applications are tailor-made for Thomson’s integrated solutions. Consult with us early in the design process to leverage our testing capacity and customized solutions and our sourcing advantages. The result will be a better machine delivered more quickly.

Integrated Components

Thomson can optimize a multi-component, multi-axis application through design expertise and one-stop sourcing. The result is speed-to-market and superior uptime.

Stainless Steel Gearheads

Every motor in a food-processing application is an opportunity for a stainless steel Micron® gearhead, for IP66/IP67/IP69K protection, longevity and superior performance.

Electromechanical Advantage

Electromechanical components deliver superior controllability and more even force than hydraulic or pneumatic motion-control systems. The result is minimal tolerance stack-up and reduced scrap and spills.

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