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Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Hood Lifting and Parking Brakes:

Wind mills are built with top hatches to allow maintenance of large components in the turbine house. These hatches are often too heavy to operate manually. The turbine itself also needs to have a parking brake so that the rotor stays in position for service or when the wind conditions require the mill to stop. Linear actuators or screw jacks are the ideal solution in both cases.

  • Actuators and screw jacks are clean compared to hydraulic alternatives. They do not require pumps, pipes, valves and plumbing. There is no risk of oil leakage or need for maintenance.
  • Positioning is easy with end of stroke limit switches readily available.
  • Installation and operation is simple.
  • Thomson actuators or screw jacks have a variety of mounting options available, allowing flexible configuration.

Hood Lift:

Heavy service hoods need to be powered to open even if covered by ice making an actuator or screw jack ideal.

Rotator Brake:

A rotor braking function can easily be done using an actuator or a screw jack. The brake is used when serviced and when the wind conditions are such that the rotor must be parked.

At Sea, in the Desert, or on the Plains:

Wind mills are usually placed where wind conditions are ideal. Salt water, ice, sand storms, high humidity, and extreme temperature changes make the environment less than ideal for most electromechanical components. Thomson actuators and screw jacks are available with protection up to IP67 and are tough enough to do the job.

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