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Car Chassis Transportation

Material handling solutions sometimes involve bringing together production cells that can’t be placed adjacent to each other. Moving goods, parts or components between these cells means covering distances with speed, but without getting in the way of other processes. Overhead transportation is one way to achieve this goal, as goods will not interfere with walkways or truck routes, keeping valuable floor space free for other production equipment.

Adjustable Picking Tool:

The use of linear actuators, precision linear actuators and round rail Ball Bushing® bearings makes this tool adjustable, allowing you to pick different types of chassis in a mixed production line.

Long Transport Systems:

Thomson has a variety of systems with the capacity to move objects long distances with high speed. In this application an entire car chassis is moved 12 meters in a couple of seconds.

Workspace Expansion:

By mounting the base of a robot onto a combination of linear guides, ball screw and Micron planetary gear, any workspace can be dramatically enlarged. The robot can also perform work on a moving chassis.

Lifting Unit:

The telescopic lifting unit is an ideal addition to the Tollobelt system. The telescopic function allows the system to be mounted close to the ceiling, since the lifting unit can reach down and lift the chassis high enough to clear any objects beneath the transportation path.

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