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Thomson Product Selectors

Linear Bearings

Over nine different families of linear bearing and linear bearing accessories, all state-of-the-art

LinearRace Shafting

Thomson shafting comes in an assortment of material types and diameters; configured either mou

Linear Guide: Profile Rails

Next generation Profile Rail 500 ball & roller linear guides, AccuMini, compact miniature

Linear Guide: Round Rail

Super Smart Ball Bushing, 60 Case LinearRace shaft end-support blocks, aluminum or rigid iron

Glide Screws

Part linear bearings, part lead screw, Thomson combines the best features of these products...

Lead Screws

Low cost, low vibration and noise, non-corrosive, custom designs, low environmental susceptibility

Ball Screws

Choose from a wide selection of ball screw nut styles, including flanged, threaded and rounded.

Stepper Motor Linear Actuator

These are available in three basic configurations: rotating screw (MLS), rotating nut (MLN) and actuator (MLA).

Ball Splines

Thomson precision ball spline systems feature high speed, anti- friction linear motion under high

Linear Actuators

Standard and customizable stroke lengths, DC and AC models, with a wide selection of controls

Precision Linear Actuators

High precision systems with parallel and inline mounting, gearbox or timing belt, DC, stepper

Worm Gear Screw Jacks

The Thomson MULI® and JUMBO® series worm gear screw jacks provide reliability in use and versatility

Lifting Columns

Lifting Columns are self- supporting and height adjustable, perfect for home, medical

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