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Personal Mobility

Personal Mobility

Thomson has leveraged decades of experience and the latest technologies to offer a new line of linear actuators developed specifically to empower mobility and patient handling applications.

Just one of many Thomson solutions for this segment, these new actuators boast unique strengths. They feature ultrasonically sealed enclosures that enable easy cleaning and compact design, as well as zero maintenance, unique control features and the type of quiet, consistent sound needed for personal mobility applications.

Wheelchair Versatility

One of our main products Thomson's LC Series Lifting Columns allows this chair to become a bed or a support for a standing person. Numerous Thomson actuators are used to adjust the chair for maximum comfort and driving conditions (indoor, outdoor, rough terrain).

Wheelchair Adjustments

Thomson actuators enable this custom electromechanical parking brake and guides to accomplish multiple adjustments, including those or tilt, recline, head and leg positioning.

Thomson-Optimized Mobility Applications:

  • Wheelchairs, Wheelchair Locks
  • Vehicle lifts, Vehicle transmission controls
  • Vehicle ramps, Vehicle Throttle, Vehicle Brakes
  • Ergonomic positioning devices
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