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Product Details

Ball Bushing bearings and FluoroNyliners can be retained in a mounting bore by:
  • Push-in retaining rings
  • Press-fit wipers
  • Snap rings

Push-in retaining rings

Push rings can be pressed in the bore behind a closed bushing bearing to keep them from working their way out of their housings.

Push Ring

Press-fit Wiper

Press-fit wipers can be pressed into the housing bore to retain a bushing bearing. Shown are closed seals for closed bearings and open seals for open bearings.

Closed & Open Press Fit Wiper

Snap rings

Ball Bushing bearings and FluoroNyliners are designed with a groove on the outside to fit external retaining snap rings. Snap rings shown here are the standard version for closed bearings and a C-style for open bearings.

Standard and C-style snap rings

A video that shows some more on the use of the use of the mounting accessories can be found in the installation section.  Linked here.
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