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Product Details

Pillow blocks are available in many different configurations.
  • Open or closed
  • Single or twin
  • Adjustable or non-adjustable
  • Standard or flanged
All pillow blocks come with a bushing installed.  All pillow blocks are supplied with wipers unless specified otherwise. 

Watch the video below or read through the following text for more information.

The different types of pillow blocks

Open vs. Closed

Open pillow blocks are for use with continuous supported shafts, while closed pillow blocks are for use in end supported applications. 
For more information on end supports click here
For more information on continuous supports click here.

Single vs. Twin

All pillow blocks come with the bushing installed. Single pillow blocks contain one bushing, while twin pillow blocks are longer and contain two bushings.

Adjustable vs. Non-Adjustable

Pillow blocks are also available with adjustable housings or non-adjustable housings. Adjustable pillow blocks have an adjustment screw, or screws in the case of a twin pillow block, which allow for adjustment of the radial play between the shaft and the bushing.

Standard vs. Flanged

Standard pillow blocks mount with the mounting surface parallel to the shaft. Flanged pillow blocks are also available for when the mounting surface is perpendicular to the shaft.  Flanged pillow blocks only come in closed non-adjustable style.

Most configurations can be combined with a few exceptions. For example, a closed, twin, adjustable with standard mounting is available.

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