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Product Details

Ball Bushing Bearings®

Ball Bushing bearings offer low friction and good load capacity. They are usually the first option to consider when needing a linear guide. Our Ball Bushing bearing line consists of the following families:
  • Super Smart Ball Bushing Bearings
  • Super Ball Bushing Bearings
  • Precision Steel Ball Bushing Bearings
    • “A” bearing
    • MultiTrac (MAM)
    • Die set
    • Miniature instrument

Plain Bearings

In applications where the bearings will become clogged or the sound of the bearings recirculating is not acceptable, a plain bearing can be considered. Our plain bearing line is the FluoroNyliners™.

Roller Bearings

In applications where high loads, high speeds or extremely contaminated environments are anticipated, a roller bearing like the RoundWay® might be the best choice. 

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