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Product Details

The RoundWay Linear bearing is a re-circulating roller bearing with self alignment for use in high-load, heavy duty applications. RoundWay linear bearings are ideal for environments contaminated with dust or debris and are made to run on hardened linear shafting. 

Performance benefits:
  • Can run on shafts with gaps between them
  • For use in extremely contaminated surfaces
  • High load capacities
  • Rigid design provides high accuracy while tolerating high shock loads
  • Self-aligning capability

Available in sizes:
  • Inch: 1/2” – 4.0”
  • Load Capacity: 970 - 70,000 lbs.

V-Style RoundWay® shown on a Support Rail Assembly

The RoundWay linear roller bearing consists of four basic parts:
  • A bearing race
  • Roller assembly
  • Eccentric trunnion pin
  • Mounting block

The RoundWay linear roller bearing rolls on a train of concave rollers, which ride on hardened linear shafting. The shafting should be supported on the underside to prevent deflection under heavy loads. 

RoundWays are normally mounted to the underside of a carriage. By rotating the eccentric trunnion pin, the height of the RoundWay can be adjusted to compensate for variations in the surface of the underside of the carriage and to eliminate buildup of tolerances between component elements. The "dot" on the end of the trunnion pin indicates the "high" point of the eccentricity.

S-style RoundWay® parts labeled.

Load Capacities
RoundWay bearings have a high load rating for their size. Up to 20 times the load capacity of conventional Linear Ball Bushing® bearings.

Various bearing dynamic capacities

Travel Rates
RoundWays can run at speeds up to 100 ft/s (30.5 m/s).

Maximum Bearing Velocity


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