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Product Details

Our lead screw nuts can be divided into three main categories:
  • Standard nuts
  • Anti-backlash nuts
  • Glide Screw™

Standard Nuts

Our standard nuts are solid and machined from either a polymer or bronze.

There are three families of polymer (Acetal w/ PTFE) nuts:
  • SN – inch mounting thread
  • SB – metric mounting thread (same as SN but black colored polymer)
  • MTS – flange mounting
And a line of bronze nuts:
  • BN – bronze nut

A standard nut is simple, cost effective with low maintenance. Use a standard nut in applications tolerant of backlash.

Standard Nuts

Anti-backlash nuts

Our anti-backlash nuts come in three different styles, each with their own benefits.

XC – Patented ActiveCAM™ mechanism
  • Lowest drag
  • Solid anti-backlash design for high axial stiffness
AFT – Anti-backlash collar
  • Most cost effective
  • Excellent rigidity within rated load (45N)
SNAB – Spring backlash
  • Higher drag torque due to the spring preload
  • Spring force only provides Anti-backlash under very light loads

Anti-Backlash Nuts

Glide Screw™

A glide screw is a lead nut with a unique design to allow it to accept side and moment loads.

Glide Screw

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