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Product Details

A Selection of Custom products


The lead nut has a simple design that is easily customized. Thomson is able to supply nuts with custom geometries. Almost any shape is possible. This makes the nut able to integrate more fully into OEM solutions and often taking up multiple functions. This is another way that using a lead screw assembly can reduce overall system cost.

Nuts can be constructed of many different materials:
  • Acetal – standard
  • PPS
  • PEEK
  • Torlon (polyamide-imide)
  • Brass
  • Others
The fit of the nut to the screw can also be customized. We are able to provide:
  • Close backlash to maximize performance
  • Loose fits to minimize alignment concerns
  • Centralizing fits to allow side loading

End machining from the factory

Quick turn-around of standard end machining
Ability to manufacture to customer drawings

  • Quality machining in one stop
  • Fast lead time

  • One supplier
  • Quality work from those with experience machining and straightening ball screws

Machine to customer print

We offer a line of standard end machining options, but we will also machine custom ends to match a customer-supplied drawing. This image is of a drawing of the typical end machining dimensions that would be required for us to machine the ends. Other configurations are possible to machine as long as they are clearly drawn.

Example end machining drawing

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