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Product Details

Glide Screw™

What is a Glide Screw? 

Part radial bearing, part lead screw, the Glide Screw combines the best features of these products into an easy-to-install, one-part solution.

In addition, the Glide Screw eliminates alignment issues and comes standard with Thomson’s patented Lube for Life technology for zero maintenance. Additional high heat, vacuum/clean room, and food-grade configurations are available upon request.

Glide Screw™ exploded view and cut away

How Does the Glide Screw Work?

Radial bearings have been added to a lead nut to handle side and moment loads. The screw outer diameter is precision ground to interface with the radial bearing inner diameter.

Glide Screw™ section view

The Thomson Glide Screw™

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