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Product Details

Custom Modification

We offer many different customizations for ball screw products from simple things like a different bolt hole pattern on a flange to a entirely new ball screw design.  Below are a list of things grouped into variation on the standard products or clean sheet design.

Standard product variation:
  • Modified flange; i.e. bolt pattern, BCD, etc.
  • Add special lubrication port
  • Extra circuits – higher capacity
  • Modified nut diameter
  • Special keyway
  • Special material
No tooling required, no NRE (non-reoccurring engineering charge).
3 to eight-week lead time depending on complexity.

Clean sheet design:
  • New diameter
  • New lead
  • New ball size
  • New return system
Requires tooling and NRE (non-reoccurring engineering charge)  Typically 16 week lead-time
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