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MLA - Motorized Lead Screw Actuators

Thomson motorized lead screws are also available in an actuator configuration (MLA). The actuator is a fully housed solution – simply determine stroke length, linear travel per step or revolution (lead), and precision level to select an appropriate MLA. The actuator configuration offers a complete housing and integrates easily into your assembly with a selection of end mounting and connection options.

Motorized Lead Screw Actuators (MLA)

Actuator structure

The actuator is a fully housed motorized lead screw with a rotating screw configuration. The bushing design included inside the assembly, highlighted above, gives the actuator built-in anti-rotation and side load capability.

The built-in anti-rotation comes standard with every MLA. Anti-rotation may eliminate the need for external guidance.

Actuator Cross Section

Side Loading

MLAs are able to withstand some side and moment loading. Depending on load, speed and motion requirements, MLA assemblies can withstand a side load of up to 10% of axial capacity of the motor. For optimal performance, side and moment loads on MLA configurations should be minimized and avoided in the fully extended position.

Side Loading

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