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Product Details

The motors used have the same specifications regardless of orientation.

We offer motorized lead screws in the following motor sizes:
  • NEMA 8
  • NEMA 11
  • NEMA 14
  • NEMA 17
  • NEMA 23
Standard stack and amperage configurations are available are shown in the table below.

Standard Stepper motor conditions

Stack refers to the motors rotor length.  A double stack motor will have a larger length than a single stack motor of the same size and design. The double stack motor will provide more torque than a similar single stack motor. 

Available current or amperage rating
At a constant voltage, the higher amperage motor will produce more torque.  When driving a stepper motor, an important consideration is the current rating of the motor. If not enough current is supplied, the motor output torque will not be optimized, and the system will be under-performing. Too much current and the motor may overheat and damage to the motor windings can occur.
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