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Product Details

MLS are rotating screw actuators.

How the Screw Attaches to the Motor

Fixing the motor to the lead screw usually requires (A) a coupling assembly, (B) a counter-bore press fit or (C) a hollow shaft press fit. The assembly process may entail the use of adhesives or welding. All these solutions make it difficult or impossible to change lead screws or perform maintenance. Thomson has solved this issue with (D) our patented Taper-Lock coupling that requires only a single retention fastener.

Screw attachment

Taper-Lock Design

The rotating screw design features our patented Taper-Lock design to connect the lead screw to the motor shaft. With the Taper-Lock design customers may changing the screw in the motor without returning the unit to the factory.

Taper-Lock Design

The following video demonstrates how easy it is to remove and reassemble the Thomson Taper-lock.

The Thomson Taper-Lock

Additional reading

For additional information on the taper-lock advantages read the article "Why lead screw motor connection methods matter" linked here.
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