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Product Details

At Thomson we offer a number of pre-assembled round rail linear guide assemblies.  These assemblies are made from the same components that are available separately.  When sold as an assembly some of the components on inch sized products are black anodized but they have the same dimensions and performance of the standard components.

Benefits of a Linear Guide are that it:
  • Requires only one part number to specify entire linear guide. No worries about component compatibility or forgetting a component.
  • Comes assembled ready to install.

Single vs Twin pillow blocks

To maintain alignment round rail linear guides need to have two bushings per rail.  The two bushings can either be in one or two pillow blocks.  When there are two bushings in one pillow block we call it a "twin" pillow block.  If there is one bushing per billow block it is called a "single" pillow block.  The assemblies are available with either one twin or two single pillow blocks.  When comparing the two it easy to see which one is the twin pillow block as it is noticeably longer than a single pillow block. In the image below on the left are two single pillow blocks (1 bushing per block) and on the right is one twin pillow block (2 bushings inside the block).

Single pillow blocks on the left. Twin pillow block on the right

Product Families

The Thomson round rail linear guide product line consists of the following families:
  • 1BA - End supported (inch)
  • 1NA - End supported (metric)
  • 1CA - Continuously supported (inch)
  • 1PA - Continuously supported (metric)
  • 1VA - FluoroNyliner versions (inch)
  • 1DA - Side supported (inch)
  • 2DA - Dual shaft (inch)
  • 2CA - Twin Shaft Web (inch)
Below is a chart comparing some of the attributes.

Round rail linear guide summary chart

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