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Product Details

1VA part numbers utilize FluoroNyliner Bushing bearings instead of Super Smart Ball Bushing Bearings.  FluoroNyliners are a plain bushing with no recirculating components.  Since there are no rolling elements they can use a stainless steel shaft for better corrosion resistance.    More push force will be required to move a load compared to a similar assembly with a ball bushing bearing.

FluoroNyliner features:
  • Made from advanced polymer components
  •  Practically immune to adverse environments, such as water washdown conditions and magnetic interference
  • May be used in linear and rotary motion applications (ball bushings cannot be used in rotary motion applications)
  • Operate in temperatures from -400 °F (-240 °C) to 550 °F (270 °C)
  • inch sizes
  • Black pillow blocks and rail support
  • Through mounting holes in the pillow block and rail support
  • (2) FluoroNyliner bushings in either:
    • (2) Single pillow blocks
    • (1) Twin pillow block
  • (1) Support assembly using stainless steel shafting in either:
    • (1) Shaft and Rail Assembly
    • (1) Shaft and (2) end support blocks

1VA.  In the image above the one on the left shows two single pillow block option and on the right shows the one twin pillow block option.

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