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Product Details

2CA part numbers are end supported dual shaft linear guide with a web connecting the shafts. The design maximizes torque and dramatically improves deflection characteristics.  Use in end supported applications when more rigidity is wanted.

  • Super Smart Ball Bushing Bearings
  • Two pre-aligned parallel guide rails with connecting web (welded together) for quick and easy installation.
  • Horizontal or vertical design
  • Inch sizes
  • Black carriage and end support
  • Threaded mounting holes in the carriage
  • Through counter bored mounting holes in the end support
  • (1) Integrated carriage
  • (4) Open type Super Smart Ball Bushing bearings
  • (1) Twin shaft web shaft
  • (2) End supports

2CA. In the image above the one on the left shows the horizontal configuration and on the right shows the vertical configuration.

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