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Product Details

The 500 Series Roller profile rail rigidity is achieved by using the equivalent of a back-to-back bearing arrangement, complemented by special rollers that are crowned to prevent roller edge loading when misalignment is present. This results in lower elastic deformation under load compared to a ball carriage or double faced roller bearing arrangement. Roller guides have an increased load capacity over the ball profile rail as a result of the increased contacting surface across the length of the roller.

Precision grade for high-accurate, high-load applications

500 Series Roller features:
  • Double-back roller track arrangement
  • Reinforced Nylon 6.6 end cap
  • Standard end seals and longitudinal seals provide contaminant protection
  • Accuracy Class: (Assembly Tolerance)
    • P - Precision Grade (±20 μm)
    • S - Super Precision Grade (±10 μm)
    • U - Ultra Precision Grade (±5 μm)
  • Preload options: ("C" being the carriage dynamic load)
    • 1 – 0.03C
    • 2 – 0.08C
    • 3 – 0.13C
  • Sizes (mm):
    • 25
    • 35
    • 45
    • 55
    • 65
Advanced grinding and straightening technologies
  • Superior rail straightness
Optimized roller path with custom insert molded re-circulation paths
  • Running smoothness
  • Low noise
  • Any carriage can be run on any rail of the same accuracy class without compromising system accuracy
Special, crowned roller profile
  • Industry leading load capacities
  • Prevents roller edge loading
  • Minimum roller friction
Carriage Configurations
  • A - Standard
  • B - Standard Long
  • C - Narrow
  • D - Narrow Long

Lubrication Inlet Locations

500 Roller carriage comes with six lubrication inlet locations per side
  • The center lubrication plugged with pipe plug
  • The side inlets and offset are tapped but sealed, a simple modification will open
  • The top requires drilling a small hole and applying an O-ring

Lubrication Inlet Locations

Rail Style

The available rails styles are:
  • A – Bolt from top (standard)
  • U – Bolt up from bottom
  • C – Bolt from the top with cover strip
Rail Lengths
  • Up to six meter lengths available

Rail Style A, U and C (left to right)

Carriage accessories

Standard carriages are supplied with low friction, double-lip seal and longitudinal side seals
Optional carriage accessories:
  • V - Viton® Wiper (532VR)
  • Z - Metal Scraper (532ZZ)
  • N - Oil Reservoir (532OW)
  • C - Bellow Clips (531CC)
Other Accessories
  • Stainless steel rail plugs (532 HS)
  • Brass rail plugs (532 HB)
  • Mylar Tape (532 RT)
  • Bolt up from the bottom rail (522 Type U)

Modular Accessory Exploded View

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