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Product Details

Random Length – RL

A full-length shaft is referred to as a "random length," and the part number has the suffix "RL".  The term "random length" is used as the exact length of the bar can vary. The length specified in its description is the minimum usable length. The length of the shaft will likely be a bit longer. For a shaft cut to a specific length or if a shaft is shorter than the maximum desired, consider a cut to length shaft.

Cut To Length – CTL

Shafting can be cut to a specified length. It will have a standard length tolerance of ±1/32” for diameters less than 2 inches and ± 1/16” for all larger diameters. Special length tolerances are available for an additional charge and would be considered a specially machined product.

All cut shafting is subject to a deburring process to remove sharp edges. The size of the standard chamfer is approximately 1/32” x 45 degrees for diameters less than 1” and 1/16” x 45 degrees for diameters 1” and larger. Special chamfer sizes can be provided as a special machined product

Cut to length products have the suffix "CTL"

Special Machining – SM

Products that have special modifications more than just cut to length are designated Special Machined. See the section on "specials" for more details.

Quick Shaft – QS

Quick shaft is a pre-cut and packaged length shafting. This shaft is the same as a cut-to-length shaft with the exception of its packaging. It is packaged for individual sale. The cost of QS is slightly higher due to the special packaging.

Quick Shaft is only available in Class L and MM shafting in materials Carbon Steel, 440C and 52100 Tubular. Unless the more attractive box is needed, consider the cut to length shaft.

Predrilled and tapped - PD

Predrilled shafting is shafting that has radial drilled and tapped holes from the factory. These holes are designed to make it easier to mount the shaft along its length in a continuous supported application. If needing a continuous supported shaft, consider using our shaft rail assemblies.

RL, CTL and QS are available as predrilled shaft.

Chrome plated Plain Ends - CPPE

Chrome plated plain end (CPPE) shaft is chrome plated but where the shaft is cut and chamfered, there is no plating. The shafts are chrome plated at full length and stocked. When a cut to length shaft is ordered it is cut from the previously chrome plated shaft.  Therefore the ends are not plated. CPPE shaft is a quicker, more economical way to get a chrome-plated shaft.

RL, CTL and QS are available as chrome-plated plain end shafting. The QS option is QSCP.

Deep Case - DC

Deep case shafting is shafting that has extra deep case hardening and is designated by "DC" in the part number. When using the shaft with linear bearings, this is not normally needed. But in some unusual applications where the shaft is not used as a LinearRace®, the extra deep case is requested. Deep case shafting is only offered in Random Length in the material Carbon Steel

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