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Product Details

Ball splines require smaller forces to achieve axial displacement of the outer race while transmitting torque. Thomson ball splines have rolled inner races with non-preloaded outer races.  They are best suited for power transmission applications such as motor couplings, translating drive shaft couplings, non-swiveling telescoping struts, and more.

Example ball spline assembly

  • Coefficient of friction 0.007 maximum
  • Ball track Hardness minimum of RC 56
  • 0.005 inch maximum lash standard. (Play perpendicular to rotational axis)
  • Rolled spline with non-preloaded outer race
  • Anti-friction linear travel by ball re-circulation
  • Resistance to radial displacement resulting from torque loads
  • Smaller force requirements to move outer race while transmitting torque
  • Predictable life expectancy
  • Custom machining available on both inner and outer race
  • Application versatility —  translating drive shaft coupling; non-swiveling telescoping struts; honing machine and drill press spindles; workhead and table ways; robot and remote handling machines.
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