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Product Details

To simplify the mounting of motors, Thomson provides its RediMount adapter kit, which eliminates the need for users to custom-make intermediate flanges between the linear unit and motor or gearhead. The RediMount adapter kit is now standard on all Thomson linear motion systems.
For information on how to install a motor onto the RediMount adapter, see the installation training page.  (link)

To learn about the benefits of the RediMount adapter read on.

Linear unit with RediMount and motor installed

RediMount kits include a flange and coupling to mount to the customer-supplied motor or gearhead. The motor mounting fasteners are also included. The flange has been machined to match the motor pilot and mounting holes, while the coupling has been bored to match the diameter of the motor shaft. 

RediMount on a linear unit (motor not installed)

Each RediMount kit variation is identified by a three-character code that can be designated within the overall linear motion system part number. The RediMount code, as well as an entire part number, can be configured using
The following video provides an overview of the RediMount system.

Video describing the RediMount™ flange

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