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Product Details


Movopart units can be used in fully or partially supported applications. They have a stainless steel cover band sealing system that protects the internal components. Movopart units are available up to 12 meters long

Available Combinations

The Movopart linear system is available in two different drive systems and two different guide systems. This makes a total of four possible combinations that allow the ability to select the right combination for the specific application requirements.

Sample of Variations

The Movopart is available in four sizes:
  • M50
    • Up to 5 m stroke
    • Loads to 400 N
  • M55
    • Up to 7 m stroke
    • Loads to 1000 N
  • M75
    • Up to 12 m stroke
    • Loads to 3000 N
  • M100
    • Up to 12 m stroke
    • Loads to 7500 N
Travel rates up to 5 m/s speed with belt drive.

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