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Product Details

The MLS product line offers the same features as the WM in a wider profile for more moment load resistance

  • Screw driven
  • Ball guided
  • Self-adjusting plastic cover band
  • Central lubrication
  • Screw supports in all units needing them to meet the 3000 RPM input
Use for applications requiring stiffness, rigidity and precision.

Central Lubrication

Central lubrication is a standard feature on the WM and MLSM units. The drive and guide systems are conveniently re-lubricated from a central point on the carriage. Whether by hand or automatically, maintenance is a simple matter.

Ball Screw Supports

A ball screw's maximum RPM (critical speed) is a function of its unsupported length. Using intermittent screw supports allows for long-length ball screw units with no whipping effect. 3000 RPM input for ANY length. This allows for tighter accuracies over long lengths that would otherwise have to be done with a belt unit.

Ball screw supports are an interlocking nested design. The carriage travels, picking up and dropping off the screw supports at specific intervals.
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