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Tubular Shafts

Tubular Shafts

Thomson 60 Case® Tubular Lite™ LinearRace® shafting features a hollow inner diameter to reduce weight and inertia, making it ideal for routing fluids, gases and cabling. These rolled and case-hardened alloy steel shafts can be supplied for immediate use with radial drilled and tapped holes spaced to match standard 60 Case support rails.




Tubular Shaft Specifications


Hardness Material Length Surface Finish Straightness Roundness Plating Options
Tubular Shafts 3/4 - 4" 58 Rockwell C min AISI 52100 Tubular

Random up to 202"
8 Ra microinch max 0.001 in/ft cumulative (standard) / 0.0005 in/ft cumulative (special) 0.000080” max



Black Oxide

The Thomson Advantage

The Thomson Advantage For more than 70 years, Thomson has been producing precision-ground linear shafting for its Linear Ball Bushing® Bearings.

  • We are one of a few linear motion component suppliers producing their own shafting.
  • We offer the largest selection of linear shafting – not just the popular sizes.
  • We offer a complete linear motion solution – not just one component of a linear system.
  • We offer the widest range of inch and metric shafting, support rails and support blocks in the market today.
  • We continually optimize our processes to ensure optimal bearing performance and extended life.
  • We perform thousands of hours of laboratory testing per year to continually evaluate our products.

While shafts may appear the same to the untrained eye on the surface, there are significant performance differences due to the manufacturer’s selected standards and the manufacturing processes used to achieve them. Thomson 60 Case was developed and is continually enhanced because of our goal to provide a consistent finish, roundness, straightness, cylindricity case hardness and depth on all shafting for the demands of a linear bearing. Unlike common shafting, Thomson 60 Case shafting is manufactured to the highest quality standards in an ISO 9000:2000 registered facility. Our techniques have been continuously upgraded with proprietary knowledge gained from more than 70 years of manufacturing experience. Using Thomson 60 Case with Thomson Ball Bushing Bearings ensures optimal bearing performance and travel life.

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