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MicroGuide Linear Guides

MicroGuide® Linear Guides

Thomson's MicroGuide is a miniature guidance system that provides corrosion resistance in certain clean room and wash down applications.  MicroGuide's two track Gothic arch ball groove geometry enables single rail application.  This stainless steel miniature guidance system is also ideal for small design envelope requirements in semiconductor processing equipment and medical diagnostic equipment.


MicroGuide Specifications:

Carriage Style/
Size (mm)
Standard Wide
5 X
7 X
9 X X
12 X X
15 X X
Style Z WZ

MicroGuide Highlights:

  • Industry standard drop-in replacement
  • 440 stainless steel construction (corrosion resistance, little or no lubrication)
  • High precision accuracy (up to ±0.010mm)
  • Extremely smooth, quiet operation
  • Unlimited stroke, low profile
  • Lip seals standard
  • High Moment Load Capacity for single rail / carriage applications
  • One-piece length up to 1 meter (in sizes 7mm - 15mm)
  • Contact Thomson for custom lengths and configurations

MicroGuide Typical Applications:

  • Front end semiconductor processing equipment
  • Backend semiconductor packaging and handling equipment
  • Medical diagnostic and imaging equipment
  • Laboratory automation equipment
  • Testing and inspection equipment
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