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Precision Rolled Metric Ball Screws

Precision Rolled Metric Ball Screws

Metric Rolled Ball Screw Assemblies are designed to provide quiet, smooth running, efficient performance.  Ball screws are manufactured using Thomson’s patented, German-engineered Precision Screw Forming (PSF) Technology, which provides high accuracy (±23µm/300mm standard) with the manufacturing efficiency of rolled processes. Ball nuts are manufactured with one of three ball return systems (depending on the diameter and lead of the screw) made with reinforced steel, making them extremely durable and ideal for high speed, high load, and/or high temperature applications. Ball nuts come standard with profiled wipers to contain lubricant and help repel fine contaminants (dust, powder, etc.).


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Precision Rolled Metric Specifications:

Diameter (mm) Lead (mm)
4 5 10 20 25 32   40 50
12 X X X          
16   X X          
20   X   X       X
25   X X X X     X
32   X X X   X X  
40   X X X     X  
50     X        
63     X X        
80     X          

Precision Rolled Metric Highlights:

  • Manufactured by patented PSF (Precision Screw Forming) technology
  • Offers low cost, high precision performance in applications typically requiring ground screws
  • Responsive manufacturing & delivery times.
  • No hard spots in the screws that can mar the ball surfaces and shorten screw life.
  • Smoother and quieter running due to superior surface finish.
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