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Precision Rolled Inch Ball Screws

Precision Rolled Inch Ball Screws

Thomson Precision Rolled Ball Screws come in a full range of diameters, leads, and ball nut configurations, in either preloaded or non-preloaded types, all in industry-standard envelopes. They provide dependable accuracy and repeatability at an economical price.  Featuring Tangential Ball Returns, a Thomson design which minimizes recirculated bearing ball deflection, for smoother and quieter operation.   Standard flanges are offered for many of our ball nut models


Let Thomson Help You Make Your Selection!
  • Linear MOTIONEERING® Ball & Lead Screw Sizing & Selection Tool >

Precision Rolled Specifications (Inch Units):

Lead (inch)
0.05 0.062 0.125 0.20 0.25 0.413 0.473 0.50 0.66 1.00 1.50 1.875 2.00
0.375     X                    
0.500       X       X          
0.631       X           X      
0.750       X       X          
0.875       X                  
1.000         X     X   X      
1.150       X                  
1.171           X              
1.500         X   X X   X   X X
2.000               X   X      
2.250               X   X      
2.500         X     X   X      
3.000                 X   X    
4.000                   X      

Precision Rolled Highlights:

  • When replacing conventional actuation systems (such as acme screws, hydraulics, or pneumatics), ball screws can use smaller, less-expensive drive motors reducing the need for auxiliary equipment
  • Over 90% efficiency with a constant low coefficient of friction
  • Dependable accuracy and repeatability at an economical price
  • Gothic arch ball groove geometry extends service life, reduces lash, and optimizes stiffness in preloaded assemblies
  • Optional wiper kits and end support blocks increase service life
  • Available in a full range of diameters, leads, and nut configurations, either preloaded or non-preloaded types
  • Non-standard lengths available
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