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Installation, Maintenance, Lubrication, and Repair

Installation, Maintenance, Lubrication, and Repair

Thomson has decades of experience in designing, manufacturing, and maintaining high quality ball screws. We can help guide you through the installation process, develop good lubrication and maintenance practices, and recognize when ball screw repair is necessary ̶̶ all ensure long life and a smooth-running ball screw assembly system.



Step by step instructions to prepare and install a new ball screw assembly. Installation can be completed in as little as Six Easy Steps! Learn how to mount a flange to a ball nut, mount a wiper kit, install a ball nut onto a screw, preload a double nut assembly, properly lubricate an assembly, and install into a machine.

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If proper attention is paid to ball screw selection and installation, virtually no maintenance will be required except for routine lubrication. Learn how to troubleshoot, inspect, and disassemble/reassemble a ball screw assembly to guarantee a long life and smooth running system.

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We offer a full complement of lubricants, featuring low vapor pressure greases for clean room and vacuum applications. Our TriGel® line is specifically formulated to offer a lubrication solution for a wide range of linear motion applications.

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Ball Screw Repair

With more than 75 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing ball screws, Thomson has gained the knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure your ball screw repair is handled professionally and accurately. Our engineers and technicians will restore your worn or damaged ball screws to original specification, regardless of design or make. We can also reverse engineer the components to meet new specifications. You’ll benefit from:

●  Less machine down time

●  Savings of 50-90% compared to new ball screws

●  Extended service life

●  The same precision as new

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