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FSI Style Precision Rolled Ball Screws

FSI Kugel-Gewindetriebe, Präzisionsgerollt

Ideal for structures requiring smooth motion, Thomson FSI Style precision rolled ball screw assemblies provide positional accuracy typically found only in a ground product. Assemblies range from 16 to 50 mm in diameter with leads from 5 to 40 mm – all with standard lead accuracies of ±23 µm / 300 mm. Optional configurations and custom coatings are available.


High-quality, German engineering and performance meet North American manufacturing and logistics with Thomson FSI Style ball screws. Take advantage of shorter lead times, reduced shipping costs, and enhanced communication with support and service. FSI Style ball screws provide superior quality, performance and delivery at a competitive price.

FSI Style Ball Screw - Product Availability:

Nominal Diameter

Screw Leads
(mm) 5mm 10mm 20mm 25mm 40mm
16 x x
20 x
25 x x x x
32 x x x
40 x x x x
50 x

FSI Style Highlights:

  • DIN 69051 compliant
  • Patented Precision Screw Forming (PST) technology   
  • Smooth performance due to unique ball return systems
  • Flexible solution for standard mounting
  • Regionally stocked/machined/assembled product
  • ± 23 µm / 300 mm
  • P5 accuracy screws standard
  • Ground quality ball nuts
  • Available in 2 preload classes (Type Z2, Z3)










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