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Design and Theory

Many profile rail lines come with various carriages styles.  Some examples are:
  • Standard
  • Standard Long
  • Narrow
  • Narrow Long
  • Narrow High
  • Narrow Long High
  • Narrow Short
  • Narrow Compact
The difference in carriage style is generally to make the product easier to mount or have mounting dimensions that match another product type or brand. The differences between the various carriage styles in a product family are mostly to the bolt hole pattern and the carriage height and/or length. Which rail the carriage can be used on is not affected by the style. Though a change in length may have an effect on the carriages load capacity. Be sure to check product specifications.

Examples of Carriage Styles

The carriages in the above photo are from the same product family and are of the same size and type. They are just different styles and use the same rail.
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