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Product Details

PC Series

  • Parallel or inline style
  • Stainless steel extension tube
  • Ball screw drive
  • IP65 as standard
  • Stroke up to 1200 mm
  • Load capacity up to 6,000 N
  • Motor not included
  • Supplied with RediMount™ motor mounting kit
Available in sizes:
  • PC25
  • PC32
  • PC40

Attributes table

Section View of the PC Series

Components labeled in diagram:
1. High-precision ball nut
2. Ball nut carrier
3. Single point lubrication
4. Stainless steel extension tube
5. Large diameter screw
6. Smooth exterior profile
7. Extension tube seal
8. Stainless steel mail rod adapter

PC Series Motor Mounting

Components labeled in diagram:
9.   RediMount motor flange
10.  Large, flexible coupling
11.  Sealing plug
12.  Extra-wide synchronous belt
13.  Clamping element
14.  Straddle-mounted pulley bearings
15.  Large housing
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