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Installation Instructions

If the screw and nut are ordered individually, the nut will need to be assembled to the screw. This is usually done after the ends are machined for the support bearings to fit on.

How to transfer a nut to a screw

Transferring the ball nut to the screw

Since the balls in a ball nut are not retained, ball nuts are shipped on an arbor.  To transfer the ball nut to the screw, proceed as follows:

1.  Remove any ball nut retainer from the arbor.  Hold the arbor firmly end to end with the screw.  Make certain the arbor end is centered on the screw shaft end.

Step 1

2. Slide the ball nut down the arbor to the screw shaft.  With light pressure pushing the nut towards the screw, rotate the nut until you feel the balls drop into the screw thread.  Then continue to rotate the nut onto the screw.

Step 2

3. Remove the arbor.

Step 3

To transfer the ball nut to the arbor, reverse these steps.

CAUTION: When end machining makes it impossible to bring the arbor adjacent to the shaft ball grooves, wrap the machined portion with tape to the nominal O.D. of the arbor. The tape will permit the ball nut to slide over the machined area without the balls dropping into machined irregularities in the shaft.

CAUTION: Extreme care must be taken to prevent the ball nut from sliding off the end of the screw shaft during installation and handling. Temporary stops can be made by wrapping tape around the shaft ball grooves at each end. Be sure to remove the tape and any residual adhesive after the ball screw assembly is properly installed.

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