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MovoTrak CTU Collaborative 7th Axis

MovoTrak CTU Collaborative 7th Axis

The first ever collaborative extension of cobots, the MovoTrak 7th axis features collision detection settings for groundbreaking programming and control benefits. A plug-and-play system for quick and easy implementation into various robotic functions, MovoTrak adds a horizontal operating range up to 10 m to significantly boost productivity and output. Compatible with even the largest sized cobots on the market, including Universal Robots’ UR20, the 7th axis offers flexible mounting options, and features a dual-linear-unit design for maximum moment load and stiffness.

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MovoTrak Feature Highlights:

  • Collision detection settings provide users with enhanced capabilities, including:
    • User-adjustable collision detection on the MovoTrak performs similar to robotic joints.
    • Set the sensitivity during installation per your application's requirements.
    • Large surface areas on the MovoTrak linear carriage act as paddles, allowing for a safeguard stop when contacted.
    • All collision monitoring is conducted on the MovoTrak motor drive and/or digital I/O with minimal processing required from the UR controller.
    • Safety I/O connections for all stopping scenarios are supplied by the cobot and third-party safeguard devices.
  • Freedrive programming mode allows hand-driven movements to set linear waypoints directly on the UR Teach Pendant.
  • A dual-linear-unit design helps deliver maximum moment load and stiffness, even when the cobot arm is fully extended.
  • MovoTrak 7th axis can be mounted with any UR robot, including the UR20, in all directions (horizontally, wall-mounted, inverted, etc.).
  • End-of-stroke limit switches and cable management are included.
  • Mounting feet are provided to mount the 7th axis to industry-standard metric or inch extrusions.

MovoTrak Applications:

  • Machine tending
  • Material handling (bin picking, palletizing and packaging)
  • Large-scale welding, soldering, sanding and dispensing
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