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The Movopart® family of linear units are ideal for economical, transport grade applications as well as many tough environment applications. The units are versatile since there are two drive options (belt or ballscrew) and two bearing guide options (slide or ball-guide). The slide guides provide an economical bearing system that is suitable to washdown environments. The ball-guide bearings are typically used when additional load, speed, and/or stiffness is needed.


MG-K (Movoparts): Slide Guided, Screw Driven Linear Units

Ballscrew driven units with an economical bearing system ideal for transport grade application and/or mild washdown environments.

MG-B (Movoparts): Slide Guided, Belt Driven Linear Units

Belt-driven units with an economical bearing system ideal for long length applications and/or severe washdown environments.

MF-K (Movoparts): Ball Guided, Screw Driven Linear Units

Ballscrew units with a profile rail bearing system designed for higher thrust and moment load applications.

MF-B (Movoparts): Ball Guided, Belt Driven Linear Units

Belt-driven units with a profile rail bearing system ideal for a combination of stiffness and long length and/or high speed.

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CAD Models
Movopart Accessories
T-Slot Bolts
T-Slot Bolt - D312221 34 KB Email
Limit Switch Brackets
Limit Switch Bracket - D312330 423 KB Email
Limit Switch Bracket - D312331 338 KB Email
Limit Switch Bracket - D312860 286 KB Email
Limit Switch Bracket - D312861 201 KB Email
Limit Switch Bracket - D313427 241 KB Email
Limit Switch Bracket - D313428 79 KB Email
Limit Switch Bracket - D393035 78 KB Email
Sensor Brackets
Sensor Bracket - D312332 382 KB Email
Sensor Bracket - D312333 377 KB Email
Sensor Brackets - D312862 252 KB Email
Sensor Brackets - D312863 247 KB Email
Sensor Bracket - D313429 231 KB Email
Sensor Bracket - D313430 237 KB Email
Adapter Plates
Adapter Plate - D312338 217 KB Email
Adapter Plate - D312746 87 KB Email
Adapter Plate - D313422 76 KB Email
Adapter Plate - D312337 225 KB Email
Adapter Plate - D312745 87 KB Email
Adapter Plate - D313423 75 KB Email
Magnetic Sensors
Magnetic Sensor - D535070 48 KB Email
Magnetic Sensor - D535071 48 KB Email
Drive Shaft Covers
Drive Shaft Cover - D312201 271 KB Email
Drive Shaft Cover - D700178 435 KB Email
Mounting Clamps
Mounting Clamp - D313448 55 KB Email
Mounting Clamp - D313447 44 KB Email
Mounting Clamp - D312104 41 KB Email
Mounting Clamp - D312757 55 KB Email
Mounting Clamp - D312756 45 KB Email
Mounting Clamp - D313297 55 KB Email
Mounting Clamp - D313296 45 KB Email
Clamps With Foot Plate
Clamp With Foot Plate - D313474 603 KB Email
Clamp With Foot Plate - D312117 591 KB Email
Clamp WIth Foot Plate - D312718 531 KB Email
Clamps With Foot Plate - D312317 670 KB Email
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