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Movopart CB (Legacy)

Movopart® CB (Legacy)

The Movopart® CB rodless actuator is designed as a lower cost alternative for high moment load applications. It is belt driven with high speed capability and strokes up to 24 feet.



Specifications Movopart CB
 Drive Type  Belt
 Guide Type  Wheel
 Max Dynamic Load (Fy): N (lbf)
1174 (264)
2349 (528)
Maximum Thrust (Fa): N (lbf)   1090 (245)
Maximum Torque (Ma): Nm (lbf-in)
C-Saddle (Lc in inches) 
229.4 (2030)
Lc x 30.28 (Lc x 268)
 Maximum Torque (Mx): Nm (lbf-in)  109.8 (972)
Maximum Speed: m/s (in/s) 5.08 (200)
Maximum Length mm (in)   6985 (275)
Repeatability: mm (in) 0.102 (0.004)
Resolution mm (in)   0.203 (0.008)

Movopart CB Features

  • High speed
  • High moment capability
  • No stick-slip
  • Low friction
  • Low maintenance level
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