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Lube For Life Cartridges

Lube For Life Cartridges

Thomson Lube for Life cartridges provide continuous, maintenance-free lubrication. Each cartridge contains a microporous polymer that diffuses oil when the bearing is in motion. The oil migrates through capillary action to the shaft in contact with the polymer. The polymer also acts as a sponge and reabsorbs the oil during motion. This prevents excessive buildup of the lubricant on the shaft and minimizes dripping, which is common when applying oil manually.

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Lube for Life Highlights

  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Eliminates need for expensive lubrication systems
  • Available as an option with Thomson Super and Super Smart Ball Bushing bearing Pillow Blocks
  • Available as a complete assembly, or in a retrofit kit for existing non self-lubricating Pillow Block assemblies


Lube for Life Modification Kits


The Lube Block accessory is mounted on both sides of the bearing carriage or pillow block. The polymer is designed to match the profile of the rail that it is running on. A spring...

Lube for Life Technology


Thomson has utilized this technology for years on our 500 Series Profile Rail carriages and RoundRail products.  Modification kits are available as an accessory for retrofitting ex...

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