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Rotary Actuators

Rotary Actuators

Rotary DGB actuators feature a variety of DC motor and gearbox combinations for applications requiring a bi-directional shaft rotation. These actuators have a variety of mounting configurations and a load limiting clutch to protect from overload. Different designs include dual output shaft, manual override, and clevis mount.



Performance Specifications DGB
Input Voltages (VDC) 12, 24, 36
Max Dynamic Load:  Nm (lbf-in) 20 (175)
Max No-Load Speed:  RPM 200 (D**-21GB unit)
140 (D**-30GB unit)
Max Full-Load Speed:  RPM 80 (D**-21GB unit)
75 (D**-30GB unit)
Full load duty cycle @ 25 ºC (77 ºF) 25%
Operating temperature:  ºC (ºF) -25 to +65 (-15 to +150)
Protection Class IP56

DGB Rotary Actuator Features

  • Holding Brake
  • Overload Clutch
  • Thermal switch motor protection
  • Flying leads and connector
  • Clevis mounting

DGB Rotary Actuator Options

  • Manual override
  • Dual output shafts
  • Other speeds
CAD Models

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