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LM80 Rodless Linear Actuators

LM80 Rodless Linear Actuators

Thomson's LM80 Rodless actuators are uniquely designed for quiet operation and suitable for indoor domestic and medical environments. With easy installation by means of a T-slot design throughout its travel, this actuator incorporates a DC motor and gearbox assembly providing movement to the carriage using either a ball or lead screw drive.  It consists of an extruded anodized aluminum profile and is available in both vertical and horizontal models.


LM80 Specifications

Performance Specifications LM80
Versions LM80V - Vertical Units
LM80I - Vertical Units (24Vdc only)
LM80H - Horizonal Units
*See documentation for performance specs
Input Voltages (VDC) 12, 24
Max Stroke Length: mm (in) 1500 mm (60 in)
Max Load:  N (lbf) 2000 (450)
Max Load Torque: Nm (lbf-in) 750 (6640)
Max No-Load Speed:  mm/s (in/s) 110 (4.33)
Max Full-Load Speed:  mm/s (in/s) 87 (3.42)
Full load duty cycle @ 20 ºC (68 ºF) 15% (120s max ON time)
Screw Type Acme or Ball
Operating temperature:  ºC (ºF) 0 to +40 (32 to +104)
Protection Class IP44 w/motor enclosure
IP33 without motor enclosure
Compatible Controls Varies per model:
DPDT switch, DCG-160/170/180, DCG-260, AC-247 ELS

LM80 Rodless Features

  • Horizontal or vertical versions
  • Self-supporting extruded aluminum profile
  • T-slot mounting
  • Safety nut on ball screw models
  • Internally restrained
  • Spring-loaded soft stop protection
  • Auto reset thermal switch motor protection
  • Motor cable and connector
  • Maintenance free

LM80 Rodless Options

  • No motor enclosure
  • Manual override
  • Alternative motor positions
  • Stroke lengths over 1500 mm
  • Encoder feedback
CAD Models

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