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Linear Actuators MCS Controls

Linear Actuators MCS Controls

For those who need more than pushbutton control, Thomson offers a full line of MCS actuator control units.  From simple to complex control, these units offer a variety of features with both DC and AC voltage outputs.



MCS Specifications:

Specifications MCS-2041 MCS-2051
Input Voltage (Vac) 115, 1Φ 115, 1Φ
Input Frequency (Hz) 50/60 50/60
Output Voltage (Vac) 115, 1Φ 115, 1Φ
Output Current (Max) 15 8
Protection Class NEMA 1 NEMA 1
Part Number 6932-448-010 6932-448-015
Compatible Actuators Electrak 5 Electrak 205

MCS-2041 Control Features

  • Extend/Retract front panel rocker switch
  • Prewired internal capacitor
  • Actuator overload fuse protection
  • Easy terminal strip connection
  • Anti-coast brake and actuator switch control

MCS-2051 Control Features

  • Internal RUN mode jumper for automatic reversal upon end of stroke limit switch contact
  • Extend/Retract switch inputs
  • Easy terminal strip connection
  • Dynamic braking
  • Extend/Retract, JOG, RUN, and remote control
  • Membrane switches w/LED indicator lights
  • Emergency STOP/OFF pushbutton
  • LCD display for extension tube position
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