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Miniature Metric Precision Ball Screws

Miniature Metric Precision Ball Screws

Miniature Metric Precision Ball Screws are an efficient and cost-effective solution in a small envelope, ideal for use in small spaces. Ball screw assemblies range from 4 to 14mm in diameter with leads from 1 to 20mm - all with standard lead accuracies of ±52µm/300mm. Miniature Rolled Ball Screws are ideal for laboratory, semiconductor, and medical applications.


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Flanged (FSI) Rounded (RSI) Threaded (TSI)

Miniature FSI, RSI, TSI Precision Rolled Specifications (Metrics):

Diameter (mm) Lead (mm)
2 3 5 10
10 X X   X
12 X      

Miniature PRM Precision Rolled Specifications (Metric Units):

Diameter (mm) Lead (mm)
1 2 4 5 6 8 10 12 15 20
4 X              
5   X              
6 X       X          
8 X X   X   X   X    
10 X         X   X X
12 X              
13         X   X
14   X X              

Miniature Precision Rolled Highlights:

  • Design maximizes load capacity
  • Flexible ball nut mounting configurations
  • Higher load capacity, longer life
  • T7 accuracy class, rapid prototyping
  • Cost-effective, small envelope
  • Smooth, efficient, ideal in small places
  • Wide assortment of leads available
  • Clearance held to .02mm max
  • Optimum performance in low and high lead assemblies
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