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Design and Theory

The most common ball nut mounting styles are:
  • Threaded
  • Flanged
  • Cylindrical

Each nut style mounts in a different way.

Threaded Ball nut mounting

Threaded ball nuts have a thread on one end.  A plate or mounting block can be tapped to accept this thread.  Once the nut is threaded into the mounting the threads can be pinned or secured to keep the nut in that position.  Orientation of the nut is more critical on ball nuts with external returns where clearance with other structures on the machine may be an issue.

Threaded ball nut mounting

Flanged ball nut mounting

Flanged ball nuts are mounted to a plate or block using bolts through the provided holes.  The mount must be bored to let the screw pass.  Often the mount is bored to allow the ball nut housing to mount inside it to save space.  Some ball nuts are even made with a precision machined diameter just behind the flange to aid in aligning the nut inside the mount.

Flanged ball nut mounting

Cylindrical ball nut mounting

Cylindrical ball nuts are mounted into housings specially designed and bored to hold the nut.  A keyway is provided in the nut to mate with the housing to keep the nut from rotating in the housing.  A method of retaining the nut into the bore must be designed into the housing.

Cylindrical ball nut mounting

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